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Waste disposal
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Waste Treatment, or simply Waste, is a Utility resource, consumed by your citizens, as well as High Tech Industries. This utility is ugly. But necessary. And you can 'produce' it in any city. Note that this Utility affects directly Environmental satisfaction - its deficit will lower satisfaction, while its abundance will increase it.

Junkyard and Waste dump[]


Screenshot shows Incinerator top middle left, Waste Burying site Top middle right, waste & junk dumps/yards below

The basic buildings for waste treatment are actually zones, which form Landfills. Both the Junkyard and the Waste dump have equal functions and requirements. They are built the same way as a farm. Their maximum size is much smaller than a farm's though, and their effectiveness doesn't seem to be affected by size at all. Every single zone, no matter how big is, gives you the same amount of waste recycling capabilities, and costs the same money. Both types have the same effect. They even look the same. Note that you can assign Waste zones in any part of the map, including slopes (as long as you're able to draw the bordering roads).

A waste management site, regardless if it's a junkyard or a waste dump, without any bonuses, will provide/produce 0.6 tokens of waste to the city, REGARDLESS OF ITS SIZE, and will always cost 5000 credits. So rather than wasting lots of space by building large waste disposal sites, assuming that bigger means more tokens, keep them as small as possible because size really doesn't matter.[1] Also, you could always form larger Landfills by placing many Waste zones next to each other.

Waste burying site[]

Cost 5000/mo. This is a single advanced building, not a zone, improving overall waste treatment. You can build one per 3 dump zones (the same chain mechanics as with water and fuel). Again it's best to build those clustered.


Cost 11750/mo. Improves the functioning of waste burying sites by burning large part of the trash, and has to be built next to them. You can build one Incinerator per 2 burying sites.

All those buildings consume water and produce Air pollution, so keep them away from your citizens.

Special buildings[]

There are also the special buildings that boost production without the bad effects:

Shell building (special waste office, +35% production)

Recycling training center (special education, +40% production, +5% education)

Recycling labs (+45%)