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20th of October 2009
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  • [OPT]Status icon for enterprises now provides more detailed alerts on the issues that might affect the different types of factories (food industries, heavy industries, Manufacturing Industry, High Tech Industry ) or the different types of hotels (Holidays and business hotels).
  • [OPT] Color code for the status icons is now more relevant:
    • White: no enterprises of this type
      • Green: everything is fine
      • Yellow: a few issues worth checking
      • Red: the situation requires action
  • [OPT] An information window now appears when hovering the mouse over the road upgrade icons.
  • [FIX] Offices now display an alert message when they are not connected to a City Link.
  • [FIX] Farms now display an alert message when they suffer from environment.
  • [FIX] Residences don't request shops anymore when the number of shops in the city is sufficient.
  • [FIX] Status modules do not warn about the lack of fret/passenger anymore when everything is fine.
  • [FIX] Landmarks with no income are not displayed in the list of most profitable buildings anymore.
  • [OPT] The statistic panels do not close anymore when selecting a building in the construction menu.
  • [FIX] The window showing unlock conditions will not stay on screen in certain conditions anymore.
  • [FIX] The saving window does not display unnecessary buttons anymore.
  • [FIX] After being disconnected, it is now possible to log back in by clicking on "Play Online" if the connection is back.


  • [FIX] The mini-trade window does not display anymore for a player that is on another planet. It is replaced by an error message.
  • [OPT] In the trade window, contracts that are not available due to lack of resource or cash tokens now show a grey icon.
  • [OPT] The resource tokens balance showing on the left of the avatar doesn't take cash tokens in account anymore.


  • [FIX] Closing an option from the main menu now properly removes the highlight on the associated button.
  • [FIX] It is not possible to ignore oneself with the /mute command anymore.
  • [FIX] Common words such as "end" or "job" are not filtered in the chat window anymore.


  • [FIX] The information window of a building now properly disappears when switching to avatar mode.
  • [FIX] In solo mode, the "avatar mode" button is not displayed anymore since avatar mode is not available.
  • [FIX] The player's avatar is now properly downloaded from the servers when not found on the local computer.
  • [OPT] The avatar now always appears near the city hall when no avatar park is available.
  • [FIX] Avatars' movements have been improved.
  • [OPT] The avatar now loads more quickly on the map when visiting a city.


  • [OPT] Fuel extraction and waste dumps now unlock a bit later in the game.
  • [OPT] Business hotels now unlock a bit later in the game.
  • [OPT] A harbor is now easier to position and build.
  • [OPT] Placement of a road along a harbor has been made easier.
  • [FIX] Individual building toggle now stays active when switching between buildings categories.


  • [OPT] Minimum size for farms is now 90%.
  • [OPT] Farms now bankrupt less easily.
  • [FIX] "Peninsula" and "Rocky Summit" maps do not have taxes set to 0 upon beginning.
  • [FIX] Cars are not blocked at the entrance of interchanges anymore.


  • [FIX] Trees are now properly removed after a decoration zone is deleted.
  • [FIX] Deleting a building does not risk a terraforming "peak" to appear anymore.
  • [FIX] Placing a small avenue does not lead to unwanted terraforming next to it anymore.
  • [FIX] Shadows are now properly set when visiting cities in avatar mode.


  • [FIX] Basketball players now properly sit on the bench.
  • [OPT] Planes on the airport are now visible from further away.
  • [FIX] The avatar does not "moonwalk" anymore when visiting Omnicorp City.


  • [FIX] Selecting Windowed Mode from the graphical options panel now works as intended.


  • [FIX] A potential crash when deleting a City Link or associated road has been fixed.


  • [FIX] Multiple messages have been corrected in French and German.