Cities XL Wiki

Sport is the first type of leisure activities your citizens require. The different facilities provide space for your citizens to play ball, tennis, run, or have some other sort of physical activity. Unfortunately, these activities are quite loud, and bother nearby establishments by emitting Noise Pollution.

Different buildings provide different coverage areas, and also different quality services. Note that you'll need to mix at least a couple of different buildings in a neighborhood to provide good satisfaction. Also, like with all other Services, spamming many buildings of the same kind next to each other won't improve the quality of service.

Here are the different Sports facilities (in increasing level of effectiveness and price):

- Basketball court

- Bowling alley

- Go-Kart Track

- Swimming pool

- Paintball

- Helipad

- Skate park

- Tennis courts.

The first one costs 500/mo and the last one costs 13000/mo. We also have

- Football Pitch, which is a Landmark and provides a boost to Health satisfaction.

Finally, we have several Stadiums, which we can construct as MegaStructures, and which provide huge boost to satisfaction, especially for the lower classes.