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Qualified Workers
Required by
Almost everything, including
High Tech Industry
Manufacturing Industry
Medium Density+Heavy Industry
Medium Density+ Shops
Silo and Fertilizer

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Qualified Workers, now called Skilled Workers are the second class of Citizens in Cities XL, also known as middle class. They occupy the widest range of jobs in the city, and you'll see them in all Industries, Offices, Hotels and Leisure buildings. That's why Skilled workers usually form the biggest part of the population of every type of city.

Transportational wise, they are similar to Unskilled - they would gladly use Public transport and leave the car at home; they would also willingly change several lines to get to work.

Skilled residences are a bit more refined then Unskilled - their houses are nicer (and most of the time have 2 stories), although most are still small, fitting multiple houses in the same lot; Medium density apartments are very often the so-called Row houses (which Elmo uses with such success in his Limitless Residential mod), and look much better than the ugly Unskilled buildings. High density buildings have some style, although they are still more wide than tall (rarely more than 10 - 11 stories).

Skilled workers are more demanding than Unskilled Workers, but they are still relatively easy to satisfy. A basic service coverage (including all required types), and a medium amount of Leisure, both sport and cultural, will make them happy.

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