Cities XL Wiki

Roundabouts are road puzzle pieces that allow the connection of several (4, or 2 that practically cross each other) roads or Avenues without intersection.

Road traffic will flow better through a roundabout than through an intersection; however, placing them involves its own problems - there is an invisible box around the piece which prevents building placement, and also the use of zoning tools. Also, not all road sizes can be connected to a roundabout. Another drawback of roundabouts, especially in densely populated cities, is that they block pedestrian access to metro stations, which can greatly reduce their area of influence.

There are currently two roudabout sizes, and two models for each one:

  • Small Roundabout (and Small grassy Roundabout) - connects Roads (and only Roads, not Grassy roads, nor Small roads).
  • Large Roundabout (and Large Grassy Roundabout) - connects Large avenues, Luxurious Avenues and Wide paved avenues.

There is also a manual way of creating roundabouts which is much more flexible and looks more realistic.

Simply create a simple 90° intersection and then insert a space with real estate.

Roundabout 1Roundabout 2

Create short 90° branches and remove the real estate. Roundabout 3Roundabout 4

Now use the curve tool to connect the 90° branches and remove the middle street pieces

Roundabout 5Roundabout 6

Now for the round pieces as a one-way street, highlight and ready.

Roundabouts created like that are much larger, though. In short, if you want small roundabouts, use the set pieces, while for bigger and more convincingly-looking ones, use this method.