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The Population of a City means the number of the inhabitants the city has.

- NOTE: The number of total population, shown in the graphs differs from the actual number of workers it represents. This is done for simulation reasons (to simplify the simulation), while keeping a realistic number of citizens, similar to real life population.

For purposes of the in-game simulation, each Low-density residence houses 1 worker, Middle density - 2 workers, High density - 5 workers. This corresponds with the Available jobs numbers, which are also given in terms of game simulation, not population.

The User Interface shows the current number of Citizens. If there is a change in the population an additional number is displayed. A positive number means that people are entering your city. A negative number means that people are leaving your city.

PopulationPanel 01

Population Menu / Panel

Clicking on the population menu icon will open the Population Panel.

The Population Panel shows:

  • Statistics - general information on immigration and employment
  • Satisfaction - overview of general satisfaction factors
  • Cost/job - detailed information on living costs (Utilities cost, food cost, etc.), plus the job satisfaction (composed by job offers available and travel time satisfaction)
  • Services/Environment - detailed information on each Service Satisfaction, plus Environmental satisfaction.

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