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Offices are a type of industry (which makes sense in Cities XL game-play, despite not making sense in real world). The difference with other industries is, of course, that Offices don't produce goods, but instead produce services (theresource known as 'Office services'), which are mainly used by Industries.

Office buildings include a wide variety of companies that you can find in those tall, modern-looking buildings: banks, recording studios, financial companies, trade unions and so on. The offices are the source of your city's largest and most impressive skyscrapers, and by using them together with the executive's skyscrapers, you can achieve a very modern, Manhattan-like skyline.

Offices are a 'clean' industry, meaning that they have no negative effects. Like High-tech Industry, they benefit from Quality of Life (that is, Environment), so build them away from pollution (both air and noise). Also, they benefit from Passenger services, so they need to be close to a big inter-city connection source.

Offices also need the services of Business Hotels, which provide lodgings for the many business travelers that the companies receive.

Offices are the companion of any industry type, except farms. As you increase industry in other cities on your Planet, you'll start needing more and more office services. Keep in mind that this is not a very good source of income - the biggest skyscrapers pay not more than 600 - 700c in taxes, so you'll need to combine them with other businesses in the city to achieve growth. Still, they're easy to build and maintain in every 'clean' city, and although they employ high residential classes; all the Megastructures require them, so you could always find use for excess production (besides selling to Omnicorp).
Again, there's a button that helps you keep an eye on the situation, upper-right corner.

- Special buildings: The Offices tab is the home of the most Special buildings in the game. We have not only every 'special' Office from the resource chains, but also many other cool-looking office buildings (like the Pyramid Steel Inc. and the Mechanic Inc. which looks like a futuristic wheel), some of which act as normal offices, while others have additional special effects. Apart of that, like all industry, the Offices branch also has its own resource chain:

- Department for business; Account management for multinationals (special offices, + 35% production, 20000/mo)

- MBA (+40% office production, +5% education, 40000/mo)

- Institute of communications (+45% offices, 60000/mo)

And here are some of the other special offices, with various bonus effects:

- Electronic Inc. (+35% Electricity Production, 20000/mo)

- Energize Inc.

- Atoms Inc.

- Titanium Inc.

- Plastics company (+20% Heavy Industry)


Plastics Company