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The Network Expansion XL is a new kind of mod, that will improve and add functional networks in Cities XL.

This means that users of the mod will be able to construct entirely different transport networks within the game, for example trams and waterways (routes for ferries, windsurfers etc.)

NEXL has two main inspirations:

  • The Sim City 4 NAM, which added networks to that game many years ago
  • The vision of the now defunct Monte Cristo, the original developers of Cities XL. This vision is perhaps best brought to life with one of their most famous images:

NEXL MC Original Plan

A closed beta test is now underway, as we get ready for the first release.

NEXL is hosted on XLNation, also known as XLN

Components Confirmed For Version 1[]

Clicking on any component below will take your to its page, where full manuals for it can be found.

Expected Future Content[]