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Wide red-paved avenue

Cities XL 2011 added a selection of roads, inspired by different styles across the globe. They have mostly cosmetic effect (mostly because they don't have the upgrade options of the core roads), but they surely look nice in the cities.

There are two variations of Avenues, both of them with the same capacity as a Large Avenue (80 cars/min). One has the same width as Large avenue, the other (recognized by the word 'Wide' in front of the name) has the width of an Expressway, but is cheaper to build and maintain. Smart folks use these in their cities in places where later they plan to build Expressways - because they have the same width, you should be able to simply replace a Wide Avenue with an Expressway.

The 'National' road styles are chosen when you first establish the city, and include more than alternative roads. The service vehicles (police cars, fire trucks, ambulances) in these cities are restyled according to the National style you've chosen, so you actually have the feel you're in another part of the world.

We have the following styles available:

American Roads[]

These roads follow the style of the US, with a beige color palette for the Avenues. We have:

- Simple Grassy

- Large Uptown Avenue

- Wide Uptown Avenue

German Roads[]

The color theme of these roads is white. We have:

- Simple Grassy road

- Large Walkway Avenue

- Wide Walkway Avenue

French Roads[]

They have Europen-looking pavement on the sides, brownish for the smaller roads, and whitish for the Wide Avenue. The overall impression is delightfully old-worldish.

- Paved Road (same as Simple Road)

- Large Paved Avenue

- Wide Walkway Avenue

English Roads[]

These roads even have their traffic reversed! Yes, as in the real world.... The theme here is red:

- Simple Grassy Road

- Large red-paved avenue

- Wide red-paved avenue