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The New Transport menu is the central point for accessing the content delivered in the NEXL mod .

It replaces the original transport menu and offers a range of new options.

You can follow the progress on the XL Nation Website, where you can also download it when it is released.

NEXL Transport Menu 1

New Transport Menu


The new menu is organized as follows:

  1. Column: General categories - Paths, Roads, Highways, Rail, Air&Sea, Public Transports, Inter City
  2. Column: Subcategories - providing the separate options for each category
  3. Column: Construction tools - Straight, 8-Direction, Curvet tool, and the Bridges tool

Paths menu[]

The left hand top menu button allows selection of personal non road transport:

- Pedestrian routes - providing options for your citizens to walk calmly on exclusive roads!

- Quad bike routes - an opportunity to build elaborate race tracks for Quad bikes, so that your citizens can have tons of fun!

Roads menu[]

The left hand second menu button allows selection of road transport:

- Car routes (traditional roads) - these are the normal roads that come with CXL 2012

- Tram routes - roads with tracks that allow tramway transport

- Bus routes - roads with exclusive bus lanes

- Bicycle routes - roads with exclusive bicycle lanes

Highways menu[]

The left hand third menu button allows selection of highways, and their intersection pieces.

Rail, Air & Sea menu[]

The left hand fourth menu button allows selection of institutional non road transport:

- Above Ground Metro - an alternative metro track that runs on the ground

- Railways - the much expected Inter-city trains system

- Waterways - allows ferry boat connections in the city, ship routes for Inter-city connections, as well as leisure water activities, like yachting and surfing.

- Airways - allows creation of Inter-city airplane routes, as well as in-city air routes.

Where appropriate, options exist to allow the route to be:

-Straight roads

-45 degree road tool roads

-Curvy roads

-Tunnels & bridges

Public Transports menu[]

The left hand fifth menu button allows selection of public transit buildings, currently existing in the game.

Inter City menu[]

The left hand sixth menu button allows selection of airports & harbours.


Guide to be created during the beta test