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Manufacturing Industry is a resource. It is comprised primarily of factories, but those produce finished goods, ready for the market (that's why your citizens require it).

The Manufacturing Industry is the main consumer of the materials and chemicals produced by Heavy Industry . Big industrial robots that are common in the assembly lines of the factories also consume large amounts of Electricity . Finally, they need Office services for various aspects of their business, such as planning and developing new products, accounting, and advertising.

This industry type could be your biggest cash cow, but also the most difficult to manage. A single high density factory could earn your city over 1100c in taxes! In the same time, it'll need good freight, and many types of workers. So, if you want to develop MI in your city, you'll either end up building HI also (and thus making a dirty city), or you'll need to come up with a budget that allows you to import LOTS of HI.

Environmentally, Manufacturing Industry is not that bad as Heavy Industry, but it still pollutes (again, a good suggestive graphical representation of the factories - no smoking chimneys). Keeping that in mind, you could go two ways:
1 - Build a self-sufficient city, producing both electricity AND heavy industry to support the manufacturing one. This one will be a real money-earning beast, but also will swim in clouds of smog.
2 - Build a cleaner city, with only Manufacturing Industry, and import most of the energy and (almost) all Heavy i. This is possible, but it'll take careful financial planning.

Special buildings:

- Products storage (+30% production, 10000/mo)

- Russ building (special office, +35% production)

- Institute of Technology (special education, +40% production, +5% education, 40000/mo)

- Lab (+45% man. production, 60000/mo).

Cxl manufacturing industry

Manufacturing Industrial area in Demo