Cities XL Wiki

The following table contains common abbreviations used in Cities XL communities.

Abbrev. Full name Description
CXL Cities XL Cities XL
MC Monte Cristo Former Cities XL developer
FHI (also: FH) Focus Home Interactive Publisher of Cities XL, Developer of Cities XL 2011 and 2012
3dsMax 3D Studio Max 3D modeling program used for CXL modding
BAT Building Architecture Tool SC4 Modding Tool
BP Blueprint General term for the game's megastructures
BP Bicycle Path NEXL - Bicycle Paths
CJ City Journal A text to introduce your city
CXS Cities XS German Cities XL Fansite [1]
Dev Developer Developer
FAQ Frequently asked questions FAQ
GC Generation City (I certainly misspelled it) A French fansite [2]
HW Highway A big street
HW Hyperwolf Founder of XL Nation (XLN)
HXL Harbor XL Mod for custom harbours, HXL
NEXL Network Expansion XL Very popular transportation mod, Network Expansion XL (NEXL)
Mod Modification An add-on or modification of the game Cities XL Modding
OWP Over water plaza Popular mod, OWP
PO Planet Offer Former Cities XL Multiplayer mod, Planet Offer
PP Pedestrian Path NEXL - Pedestrian Paths
Q&A Questions&Answers Questions from the community answered by developers (never happens)
RHW Real Highway Mod RHW
RHW Rural Highway Mod A former SC4 mod similar to Real Highway Mod
SC 4 Sim City 4 City building game
SC 4 RH Sim City 4 Rush Hour Add-On to SC4
ST Simtropolis SC 4 and CXL Fansite
SP Singleplayer Game mode for only one player
XLN XL Nation Biggest Cities XL Fansite
XLEX XL Exchange Modding database on XLN