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Large Avenue

Large vs luxlarge

Maintenance fee
8 c/mo (Large Avenue)
13 c/mo (Luxurious Avenue)
80 cars/min

This is the most important central road in Cities XL. It is used as cetral corridor in downtowns, and with its good speed limit (80 cars/sec) it is preferred by cars for traveling. Of course, this tends to concentrate traffic and create congestions, so be careful of its environmental effects!

There are two types of Large avenues: Large Avenues and Large Luxurious Avenues, which is much more expensive, but has more trees in the median. Both have capacity of 80 cars/min.

Large ave upgades

Upgrade Options for all Large Avenues

Both Type of Large avenues have the most upgrade options including of all roads:

  • 2 lanes each way (default)
  • 4 lanes one way
  • 3 lanes one way, and 2 lanes the other way (aka Great Avenue)
  • 5 Lanes one way (Great Avenue)

It is important to note that only avenues with 4 lanes have a median with trees. 5 -lane avenues have increased traffic capacity (due to the additional lane), and are called Great Avenues.

NEXL allows Large Avenues to receive tram tracks, and to be converted into Wide Paved Simple tram lanes, which only receive trams and pedestrian traffic, but no cars.