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Landmarks are special buildings, often inspired or copied from the real world, which provide positive effects for your city, mainly through increaseing Environmental satisfaction and Quality of Life (via the so-called Landmark effect).

Unlike Megastructures, Landmarks are plop-able buildings which are constructed normally. However, they also are limited to one of each kind per city, so you need to choose carefully where you put each one so as to make maximum use of its Landmark effect.

Also, unlike Megastructures (which are unlocked since the beginning of a city), Landmarks only unlock at certain population thresholds, even in Expert mode. This prevents abuse and makes the game much more challenging.

Most Landmarks are found in the special Landmark sub-menu in the Decorations section. Some others are available in the Culture Leisure menu, as well as other menus (according to their functionality).

Use Landmarks carefully! Their number is limited, and you should consider well how to make best use of the Landmark aura - this could mean a considerable difference in profits for Offices, High Tech Industry and others, and thus a difference in tax revenue for the city.

NOTE: Not all Landmarks provide a bonus Landmark aura! Some of them function as businesses (for example Shops, Offices or Hotels ) and provide tax revenue and some other beneficial effects. Check the individual pages for more information.

Current list of Landmarks[]

Minor Landmarks[]

These are buildings that function as Landmarks (emit Landmark aura), but are not limited to one per city. They are found mostly in the themed Packs menu.