Cities XL Wiki
  • F1 opens the Options Panel.
  • F2 toggles from full screen mode to windowed mode and vice versa.
  • F11 Screenshot (STEAM Gamers the screenshots can be found in C:\Users\My Pictures\Focus Home Interactive\Cities XL 2012\Screenshots}
  • CTRL + F11 Overhead Satellite Screenshot
  • SHIFT + F11 Very high resolution screenshot (warning it can take a long time to create the screenshot, files sizes are around 35+MB.
  • Page Up to Zoom In, Page Down to Zoom Out.
  • Hold SHIFT key you can modify the orientation of a building before placing it while moving your mouse.
  • By pressing the C key, you immediately switch to a Postcard view. Press this key again to return to the game view.
  • You can build a tunnel by holding the SHIFT key while moving the mouse downward, when using the Bridge tool.
  • You can rotate the view by holding the CTRL key and pressing the Arrow keys on your keyboard. You can also use your Middle mouse button.
  • Del bulldozes the selected building.
  • Home Hides the User Interface Face Menus.

Also see Mouse Commands