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The Highway is the largest road available in Cities XL as of date.


The highway is unlocked at a late time of the development of a city (500 000 pop), and can handle the most traffic out of all the roads.

It has a capacity of 320 cars per minute and costs 540c per 40 metres.

Specific information[]

The highway is an exclusive transport corridor, and as such has the following special rules:

  • You can't make normal intersections with a highway, because other roads can't cross with it on the same level. You need to either use one of the set pieces to connect it to the rest of the road network, or you need to build bridges/tunnels to go over/under it.
  • Highways don't provide your buildings with road access! That means that if you build something adjacent to a highway, the building will have the 'Not connected to the City Hall' icon and won't function. So, you must provide an alternative, normal road access to buildings close to a highway.
  • You can only draw highways with the curved tool for some reason (unless you have a mod installed).

Here are the connector pieces that allow connection of highways with the rest of the road network:

Connector piece Cost Maintenance fee Connects
Simple Interchange 2000 c 420 c/mo Expressway to Highway, direct conversion
Large T Interchange 1800 c 400 c/mo Large Avenue to Highway, T-shaped connection
Very Large T Interchange 1800 c 400 c/mo Highway to Highway, T-shaped connection
Cloverleaf 2700 c 600 c/mo Highway to Highway, cross connection

There was a fifth connector piece, which allowed a cross connection of a Highway and a Large avenue, but this piece was the biggest and most cumbersome of all, and always created huge traffic jams on the avenue. Cities XL 2012 excluded this connection.

NOTE: You can connect all types of Large avenues to a Large T Interchange, with the exception of the Large Uptown/Paved/Walway/Red-paved Avenue. We don't know if this is intentional, or a skip on part of the developers.

The Realistic Highway Mod by Pitty, dramatically alters the way you can build highways, adding a wealth of new possibilities, including one-way Highways of up to 5 lanes, and all sorts of custom interchanges. The mod also allows creation of custom on/off ramps, directly connectable to all normal roads.