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High Tech Industry
Elites (Medium and Large factories only)
Skilled Workers
High-Tech Industry
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Offices - medium and large only
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High Tech Industry is a resource . It represents the pinnacle of technological advancement in the industrial sector, and its factories produce electric appliances, electronics, pharmaceutics and many other high-end products. This production is required by all your citizens, and by larger offices.

High Tech factories use lots of machinery and tools produced by the Manufacturing Industry. Although their production cycles are such that don't produce Air pollution, there is a sort of negative effect in the form of excessive amounts of solid and liquid Waste, which needs special care and thus consumes additional Waste management resources. Finally, as all Industry but Farms, High Tech factories need Office services .

High tech is one of the two industry types (along with Farms), that has no negative effect. It also pays the most taxes (around 600-1200c + for a big factory), if you manage to maximize its working conditions. The biggest problem with high tech is its air pollution sensitivity. It seems like high tech is even more sensible to pollution than farms (although that's a little unrealistic) - even the smallest drop in air quality means diminished profits. So, if you want to go high tech, you'll need to plan carefully where you're putting its zones - the farther away from pollution, the better! Also, be careful about freight - it is a big factor in its profits, unlike farms. Keep in mind also that high-tech industry is the only clean industry that can be developed, if the map doesn't have arable land for farms.

Additional challenge for developing high tech is the classes it employs - light density employs Skilled and Executive workers, Medium density already requires Elites. High density High-tech industry employs the most elites of all buildings in the city, and if you want to really develop it, you'll need lots of executives and elites in your city. It also unlocks quite late, last of all industries (in the non-expert mode, of course).

Special buildings:

- Technology storage (+30% high tech production, 10000/mo),

- LLoyd's [of London] (special office, +35% production)

- Institute of engineering (special education, +40% production, +5% education),

- Lab (+45% high tech)