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Heavy Industry is the most heavy polluting business in the game. It consists of such things as refineries, cement factories, etc. It is considered a low-tier business, because it requires (buys) relatively easy to find resources (fuel and offices), and it employs mainly Unskilled and Skilled workers (only High density HI employs some Executives).

The factories produce various chemicals out of Fuel, such as plastics; or basic building materials such as metals, concrete or metallic moldings. The whole process emits gargantuan amounts of Air Pollution (emphasized graphically with the smoking chimneys of most factories), that will turn the neighborhood practically uninhabitable. The Industry also needs Office services for their accounting, public relations and trading needs.

A city that concentrates in Heavy Industry will become a big polluter - you need many, many factories to properly develop the resource and gain access to the bonus buildings, and this means tons and tons of pollution will spill everywhere on the map. For that matter you should try to combine HI with Electricity or Fuel specialization, and also maybe with Manufacturing Industry, which all emit pollution. To offset the negative effect, you'll need lots of parks in the city, along with Landmarks. However, you'll never be able to properly develop a 'clean' industry in the same city (such as Offices or High-tech industry), so, don't even try. Instead, simply concentrate on managing the satisfaction of the Executives and the small amount of Elites you'll need.

Special buildings: A great way to increase production without the air pollution resulting from actually placing more buildings.

- Materials Storage (special warehouse, +30% Heavy Industry Production, 10000/mo) Materials Storage

- Steel Company, Plastics Company (special office, +35% HI production, 20000/mo)

- Institute of Industry (+40% HI production, +5% education, 40000/mo)

- Industrial Research Center (+45% HI production, 60000/mo).