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Produced by
Fuel fields, Fuel buildings
Fuel resource
Bought by
Negative effect
Air Pollution - only Refineries and Oil Processing factories

Fuel is a Utility resource, and one of those consumed directly by citizens.

It is map-dependent like water, so in order to produce fuel you need a special map with fuel deposits.

You will need to place some extraction fields on an oil reserve that will then unlock the Refinery.

Fuel Extraction Field[]


Extraction Field


This is a neat-looking (it has animated pumps ) zone, like the dumps, and is the main fuel production facility. It needs to be placed IN the oil resource field (look it up with the layers).

Again as the waste zones, it doesn't matter how big you make it - the price and effect is the same. It also will 'eat up' part of your oil reserves, so place it on their edge.




Cost (5000/mo).

This building refines the crude oil, preparing it for processing. It is available once per 3 extraction fields.

Like the water storage, it doesn't eat up your oil area. Cluster them the same way you do with the storage and the waste burying sites.

Oil Processing Factory[]

Cost (18000/mo).

Advanced building that processes oil into products ready for the market (like gasoline).

It needs to be placed next to the refineries to function, and it provides big boost to fuel production.

One is available per every two refineries.

Offshore Oil Platform

This is a megastructure, so it's built like one. Its effect, however, is massive fuel production (10 tokens). The platform may only be built upon an oil patch in the water, which doesn't appear in every map with oil resource. Also, unlike other Megastructures, you could build multiple platforms in a single city, if you think it worthwhile. We have to note that once you exhaust the ground oil supply, Platforms may be the only way to increase further oil production.

All fuel buildings consume waste; the refinery and oil processing plant also emit air pollution, so keep them out of the way. The fuel fields DON'T emit pollution, so you can place them even in the middle of your city. Good thing, also, since your oil reserves are located at specific spots on the map....

Special buildings[]

We have here also bonus buildings multiplying production. Note that they are the only way to increase production of Fuel once you run out of Oil deposits on the map!

Fuel cartel, Fossil Fuel cartel

These special offices provide better organisation of fuel production, giving bonus of 35% and 20% respectively.

Institute of petrochemicals

As a special, token multiplying educational facility, this university provides a 5% city-wide education satisfication boost while giving a 40% boost to fuel production.

Chemical research lab

This special token multiplying lab gives a 2% bonus to education satisfication and a 45% bonus to fuel production.