Cities XL Wiki


Maintenance cost
18 c/mo
160 cars/min

The expressway is the biggest normal road in the game. It has 6 lanes, accommodating 3 lanes of traffic going each way.

This is the largest road giving your buildings road access, and also the largest road using the Road City link resource. it is recommended to use it in heavily populated downtowns, industrial blocks and so on. It's good when connecting outlying subdivisions of the city or suburban neighbourhoods. Although the highway does a better job in terms of conducting traffic, it is quite bulky with its big interchanges, and also very expensive. But the expressway can be linked to the highway using a linking piece (similar to an SC4 puzzle piece) found in the highway menu, partially resolving this problem.

The expressway is one of the roads in Cities XL that can not be upgraded to accommodate one way traffic, or receive any other lane changes or upgrades.