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Required by
High Tech Industry
Medium and Large Offices
Medium and Large Manufacturing Industry
Large Heavy Industry

Executives icon01 Executives are the third class of citizens in Cities XL. They are considered higher than upper-middle class (more like lower-upper, or borderline upper), and take high-profile, specialized jobs, or otherwise supervisor posts. The main businesses requiring many Executives are Manufacturing and High-tech Industries, Offices, as well as some jobs spread around the top-end establishments of other businesses.

Transporting Executives is somewhat of a challenge: they are not that ready to take Public transport, but they would also hate congestions. So, if you provide a convenient line nearby, they will take it.

Executives are much more difficult to please than Skilled workers. They require a full set of services, abundant shops and considerable Leisure (both Sports and Cultural). They are also quite sensitive to pollution, both air and noise.

Executive residences are very nice: small houses have gardens and many times pools, Middle density buildings are stylish (most of them inspired mainly from European cities such as Paris and Berlin); their High density buildings are mostly Highrises with 20+ stories, and form a nice downtown area.