Cities XL Wiki
Required by
Medium and Large High Tech Industry
Large Offices
Large Manufacturing Industry
Token Multiplying buildings
Some high quality civil services and hotels

Elites icon01 Elites are the wealthiest subgroup of citizens in Cities XL, the pinnacle of Cities XL society. They live in posh villas with palm trees and pools; or in richly decorated highrises and spacious 6 - 7 story edifices, inspired again mainly from European architecture. Elites pay the biggest amount of taxes, however, they are also the most demanding class of citizens.

Elites take the jobs of CEOs in the upper end businesses of the city. You won't see them in Dirty industry, or in common Offices - they appear only in high-density Manufacturing and middle and high density High-Tech Industry, as well as high density Office skyscrapers. There are few other buildings in the city using them, again mostly upper tier special buildings and research labs.

Elites will almost never use Public transport. Only if there is no other way would an Elite leave the luxury of his Bentley and get in the Metro or the Bus. However, they might consider taking an yacht or a helicopter to go to work.

Satisfying Elites is the greatest challenge in the game. They want all, and they want it abundantly. Full access to Security, Health and Education services, many shops and malls nearby, and plenty of sports and cultural leisure activities. Elites will also complain at the slightest sign of pollution in the city (although you may appease them by providing plenty of services and impressive Landmarks to make up for the bother of breathing poisoned air).