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The Cities XL demo was released to several third party sites and was available on the official Cities XL site on September 8th. You could only play for 7 days maximum, were limited to a choice of 3 maps, and could only build a city of up to 22,000 people. It had 10% of the buildings as the full game. The demo was strictly limited to a type of Planet Offer so as to prevent modding or cheating in single player (it also allowed them to prevent people from playing the demo when the servers were down.[1]

The demo ended on Wednesday, 30th of September at 18:00 (6 pm) (CET + 2) [2]That means that the demo was only available for the 22 days prior to the original release.

There has been no official word from Monte Cristo if there will be another Demo Released. Focus Home Interactive, however, expressed that they do not feel a need for another demo.

Note: Look at the gallery below, notice that the menu/GUI is visible, there was no screenshot button so all screenshots were from Prt Scrn button.

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