Cities XL Wiki

Culture is the second type of Leisure activity your citizens request. Its buildings are found under Commerce/Leisure. Unlike sports, Cultural leisure provides opportunities for the mind to relax and enjoy its time. And since there is no sweat and cries involved, its buildings also have a considerable Landmark effect, improving Quality of Life nearby.

The 5 standard Culture buildings are:

- Ferris wheel (don't ask what cultural satisfaction you'll find here)

- Sports museum

- Multiplex

- Science museum

- Panoramic restaurant

Maintenance prices range from 1000/mo to 6000/mo.

We also have access to several Landmarks: Large Modern Opera, Bolshoi theatre, Library of the Hague, Palais Garnier and National galerie. Those last ones have very nice effects, but are unlocked only in very big cities (even in Expert mode).