Cities XL Wiki

Regular additional content[]

Planet Offer specific content[]

  • Old England buildings pack.
  • Three new maps.

Three new MegaStructures[]

Online trade[]

[OPT] An error message now informs the player when a trade offer in the Market Place is not valid anymore [OPT] New contract and contract cancellation pop-up windows now provide with more details on the concerned contract [FIX] Token for token direct trade offers can now be accepted from the trade interface [OPT] When a contract is dealt, the Market Place interface is updated faster with the correct token stats


[FIX] Avatar's speech bubbles do not always display text in capital letters anymore


[OPT] A new icon displays over buildings that are not connected to the City Hall [OPT] A new icon displays over buildings that have traffic issues


[FIX] The different types of schools now all properly provide education to the citizens


[OPT] The boat in the harbour is now visible from further away [FIX] Wheels of vehicles now stop rotating when the vehicle has stopped