Cities XL Wiki


I created this page to work as a central "shopping list" of work that needs to be done on this wiki.

Feel free to add to it, comment on existing entries and to put your name against some that you intend to do.

Once you've finished a work item, why not give us a link to it? Then we can share the love and / or offer some further advice.

Wiki Level Tasks[]

Tasks that need to be done to the wiki as a whole - feel free to add your own.

  • Remove any graffiti and assess speedy deletion candidates
  • Reassess the current categories and apply them to relevant pages
  • Work out how to organise this wiki so that it becomes much more navigable.
    • (note - category:browse might be a good start - I've not yet worked it out)

Content Tasks[]

Tasks that need to be done to individual pages or groups of pages - feel free to add your own.

  • Migrate the gameplay FAQ from the official forums, ensuring that the original contributors are credited
    • (mr-tom will work on this but would love some assistance as this will be a large group of pages)
  • Expand the "Buildings" section to give tables of detailed technical information that will be useful to players and modders alike.
  • List of wanted pages which we can slowly work through
  • Add details of retail and hotels to the Buildings page

Completed Tasks[]

Tasks that have been completed. Be sure to leave a link and your username.