Loved or hated, the music of Cities XL is certainly distinctive.

The game studio, Monte Cristo contracted out the creation of the music to a specialist German firm, Dynamedion .

Cities XL Track Listing
No. Track Name In Game Usage: Filename File Size
01MainthemeOpening credits, general in-game themeCXL_01_maintheme.mp34,987,298
02PastoralNot yet encountered during gameplayCXL_02_pastoral.mp32,432,000
03Doing Well1Found in game, unsure of triggersCXL_03_doing_well1.mp33,791,412
04Doing Well2Found in game, unsure of triggersCXL_04_doing_well2.mp33,703,068
05Doing Well3Found in game, unsure of triggersCXL_05_doing_well3.mp33,713,508
06Industrial RevolutionFound in game, unsure of triggersCXL_06_industrial_revolution.mp32,611,722
07Poor Workers LamentNot yet encountered during gameplay, may be unusedCXL_07_poor_workers_lament.mp32,398,590
08Time To PanicNot deployed in game - reserved for security problemsCXL_08_time_to_panic.mp31,177,110
09Gen Atmo1General in-game theme, no clear triggersCXL_09_gen_atmo1.mp33,848,359
10Gen Atmo2General in-game theme, no clear triggersCXL_10_gen_atmo2.mp33,662,352
11Gen Atmo3General in-game theme, no clear triggersCXL_11_gen_atmo3.mp36,080,387
12Gen Atmo4General in-game theme, no clear triggersCXL_12_gen_atmo4.mp33,645,565
13Gen Atmo5General in-game theme, no clear triggersCXL_13_gen_atmo5.mp33,727,602
14Outgame1Found in game, unsure of triggersCXL_14_outgame1.mp32,396,127
15Outgame2Found in game, unsure of triggersCXL_15_outgame2.mp33,926,226
16Outgame3Found in game, unsure of triggersCXL_16_outgame3.mp32,666,755
17Skitheme1Not deployed in game - reserved for ski GEMCXL_17_skitheme1.mp32,543,281
18Skitheme2 PreNot deployed in game - reserved for ski GEMCXL_18_skitheme2_PRE.mp32,351,982
19Beachtheme1 PreNot deployed in game - reserved for beach GEMCXL_19_beachtheme1_PRE.mp32,092,847
21Attraction Parc1Not deployed in game - reserved for theme parkCXL_21_attraction_parc1.mp32,505,665
23Jin FireNot deployed in game - reserved for fire problemsCXL_23_jin_fire.mp3186,354
24Jin SkiingNot deployed in game - reserved for ski GEMCXL_24_jin_skiing.mp3221,518
25Jin BeachNot deployed in game - reserved for beach GEMCXL_25_jin_beach.mp3211,591
26Jin CityNot yet encountered during gameplayCXL_26_jin_city.mp3241,371
28Jin Attraction ParcNot deployed in game - reserved for theme parkCXL_28_jin_attraction_parc.mp3211,932
29Jin Well DoneNot yet encountered during gameplayCXL_29_jin_well_done.mp3221,850
30Jin BadNot yet encountered during gameplayCXL_30_jin_bad.mp3210,366

All of the in-game music can be found in Game Folder\Data\Sound\Music The music is still subject to copyright and should not be published on this site.

One of the tracks available during the beta never made it into the final version of the game - it was replaced by CXL_05_doing_well3. This track can currently be heard onthis youtube video . The final 30 seconds demonstrates the track it was replaced by.

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