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Business hotels are a resource, which are only used to complement the work of the offices in the city. They provide lodgings for business travelers, which come to your city's offices to negotiate deals.

As Retail, they are not trade-able, so be wary not to overproduce, or your hotel profits will suffer.

Business hotels' mechanics is different from Holiday Hotels: they require Passenger services, as well as Quality of Life, so it is best to place them near busy roads or intersections well served by nearby Inter City connections. In fact, it is best to place them in the same areas as your Offices, since both branches have the same requirements and depend on each-other. Also, both branches grow together in a city: if you're developping Offices, you'll be developing Business Hotels too; if not, you'll hardly need any.

This category contains two Landmarks: The Peace Hotel and the Copacabana Hotel.