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Big Park for Avatars
Construction costs
3000 C

Big Parks for Avatars were originally meant for meetings and get-togethers between avatars in the Planet Offer. Every time a player decided to visit other player's city, he appeared in one such park in that city. From there his avatar could walk the streets and enjoy the sights that his rival mayor created, or stay in the park and interact with other avatars - talking, dancing, etc.

After the end of the Planet Offer they remained in the game under the name Big Parks, as the only plopable Environmental Public building.

Unlike other parks from the Decorations menu, the Big Park is considered a building (not a plaza), and needs road access and workers. Its maintenance is much greater, compared to similar area of a Plaza-type park, but its Landmark effect is also much greater. This park is actually similar to a Landmark, only costing much less. Also, you could build unlimited number of parks in the city, while Landmarks are limited (excluding the Pack buildings). The only drawback is the big footprint of the park, making it not that space-cost effective.

Big parks increase greatly Quality of Life and Environmental satisfaction nearby, and are thus suitable for creating and maintaining touristic zones, Office centers and wealthy residential neighborhoods (Executives and Elites). They have a unique menu location - Civic Services/Environment and are the only thing in that tab by default.


Avatar Parks greatly increase environment