Cities XL Wiki

The Asian pack was originally intended to be the second addition to the Planet Offer. It was later included along with the European and American packs in Cities XL 2011.

This pack brings to the game the refined beauty of the traditional Chinese architecture. It consists of many 4 - 5 stories buildings of medium density, which give a very different impression than the European Pack buildings. The bright colors, the closely-built structures and the many windows give the sense of crowding, typical of the Far East. The pointy, geometrical rooftops are also very suggestive and compete the atmosphere.

With recently added structures in Cities XL 2012, the Asian pack is one of the most complete in the game. Apart of the residences we have restaurants, shops, a Holiday Hotel, and even a Chinese Palace as a Landmark! We also have a road, a bright red plaza with trees, and a lovely Zen Garden for relaxation.

Finally, we have the impressive Landmark Tokyo City Hall - a double tower skyscraper which is one of the tallest structures in the game. It only unlocks at 250000 population, though. The Asian Blueprints include many exotic structures such as the Easter Island statues, the Meiji shrine and even the Offshore Oil Platform.